Edge Board & Angle Board

Total Protection with Edge Boards

Edgeboard is manufactured from Polyolefinic materials reinforced with cellulose fibers and wrapped for finish and strength. Edgeboard resists moisture making it ideal for overseals shipment by sea and for wet climates. Edgeboard prevents load damage caused by contact rough handling and transportation allowing loads to arrive at their destinations safely and intact.

Features & Benefits

  • Withstands moisture to protect products in adverse conditions
  • Sturdy construction enables corner board to be reused
  • Can be fabricated by easily nailing, stapling or by applying screws.
  • Available in wide range of cross sections, ideal for variety of applications.

Increase stacking strength

Stable stacking and perfect alignment keeping the packing intact.

Corner Protection

Provided protection against edge damage and prevent strap indentation.


Water resistant Edgeboards remain stable and unitize even in wet and humid conditions.

Cost Efficient

Reduces storage space. Reduce gross weight.

Easy to Use

Perfectly shaped for ease of insertion and performance.

Our Application Engineer can develop customized solutions for your special requirements.