Our Products


PET Strapping for Auto & Cotton Jute


SV Pack is the leading supplier of plastic strapping systems for the securement of a wide range of products like automobile industry, Cotton Jute, Coir etc.

BOPP Tape / Cello Tape

Tapping/BOPP Tape

SV Pack supplies semi-automatic to fully automatic Carton Sealing machines designed to meet offline and online sealing of cartons of various dimensions with pressure sensitive, self-adhesive BOPP Tape.

We have 1/2", 1", 2", 2.5" & 3" sizes of BOPP Tapes. We can make printed BOPP tapes.

High Performance Stretch Films..


SV Pack's high performance, machine grade stretch films provide both high strength and high stretch. They're specially manufactured to stretchup to 300%, depending on the gauge.

Battery Operated Strapping Tools

Steel Strappings & Tools

SV Pack supplies various kinds of Tools and Steels for best packaging soluctions like Combination strapping tools, Battery-operated tools, Strap Dispenser, Steel Strapping Systems, Steel Strapping, etc.

Total Protection with Edge Board & Angle Boards ..

Edge Board & Angle Board

Edgeboard is manufactured from Polyolefinic materials reinforced with cellulose fibers and wrapped for finish and strength. Edgeboards are essential for edge protection, pallets or boxes reinforcement, wedging, stacking and pallet stabilization strengthening.

For Surface Protection, Cushioning, Blocking & Bracing ..

Foams, Fill Air & Paper

We are leading suppliers of materials and systems for protective, presentation and fresh food packaging in the industrial, food and consumer markets.

SV Pack's wide range of protective packaging material and system address the requirement of a multitude of industries whether you need is a surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing or void filling. Our range of products includes Pack Tiger, Instapak, Jiffy Mailer, Fill-Air, Polyethylene Foam, Dunnage Bags ..